Odette and Henri BOUR: The Pioneers of the AOC
It was not until 1974 that Odette and Henri BOUR constructed their winery. At first, their intention was to sell their wines to wine merchants (negociants), however, to better enjoy and value the fruits of their labor, they began at the same time to bottle and sell their own wine. The feedback of this was such that they soon decided to guide their development in this direction. For years the BOUR family multiplied its commercial efforts: via trade fairs in France and abroad, increasing activities at the vineyard, canvassing wine shops and restaurateurs.

In 1980, Henri, the father, passed away and it was Odette, his wife at 72 years old, who continued with passion the work begun by her husband, with help of her three daughters. With talent and tenacity, they further developed Grangeneuve until 1998, when Henri, their son, arrived at the domain to take over the reigns.