At the gateway to the Drôme Provençale, the Grangeneuve Estate is cradled by the coolness of the north and sunshine from south.
This location allows the winemaker to create seductive and balanced wines, reflecting the nuances of the northern Rhône on our Syrah.
Throughout the year we welcome you to the domain for you to share in a friendly atmosphere the essence of our land. Discover the palette of aromas of our red and white varieties, great classics of the Rhône Valley.
Let us share with you our passion as winemakers!

Experience a special exchange with our sommelier…
To discover more details of our different wines and the AOC Grignan-Les-Adhemar, we propose to you a special tasting, sitting in a room provided for this purpose. Our sommelier will present the tasting and will offer some accompanying toasts.
Tasting comprised of three components: The Essentials “Les Incontournables”, our wines assortment "Plaisir", and the expertise of Grangeneuve.

RATES AND TERMS : from € 5 per person, Duration 20 to 30 minutes, 2 people to 12 people.