The geographic location of our AOC is paramount to “understand” its wines.
We are located at the northernmost part of the AOC, the northernmost part of the Southern Rhone.  The climate, already Mediterranean, is however less extreme than in neighboring Côtes du Rhône Villages. Being in the north of the AOC with some elevation, we will have less overexposure to extreme heat and sun, therefore more balanced and more supple wines, with a nice freshness. This particular situation allows the fine varietals of the northern Rhone Valley, to blossom in our terroir with elegance and without being denatured by overly high temperatures.
The terroir of our AOC is actually more of a mosaic of terroirs, enabling the development of a complete palette of wines with somewhat different personalities but that hold onto a common style based on the climate and the varietals.  Harmony and balance well characterize our wines.
The AOC Grignan-Les-Adhemar produces approximately 70% reds, 20% rosé and 10% whites.
Syrah and Grenache are the major red varietals: Cinsault, Carignan, Mourvedre and Marselan complete the range of possibilities.
For whites, the AOC has over 50% Viognier followed by Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Roussane, Clairette and Bourboulenc.
The annual production of the AOC is 60,000hls, equal to 8 million bottles.
The other major advantage of this AOC is a landscape of wooded hills, small rivers winding through the hills and the mosaic of colors composed by vineyards, lavender and oak trees. Grignan really merits a visit!